EVOBOOT exhibitions and clinics

EQUITANA OPEN AIR - May 25th - 27th, Neuss (Germany) It have been 3 really hot days with Spanish climate. Lots of interesting talks - not only with people who wanted to learn more about the EVO BOOT 1.0 but also with many happy EVO users. We participated in cooperation with Weilborner Hof. EUROCHEVAL, July 26th - 29th, Offenburg (Germany) We thought Equitana was already hot but in Offenburg we had temperatures up to 38 °C. and our booth was a tent outside. We are looking back at many, many interesting discussions and met also even [...]

Using Loctite on EVO BOOT screws

"We've been asked if we use Loctite on the EVO BOOT screws." NO- we are not using Loctite when assembling the EVO BOOTS. Due to all the adaptation possibilities of this hoofboot it would only make everything much harder for you when using Loctite. But....once the EVOBOOT is fitted correctly and every part is exactly at the position where it should be, we recommend the use of Loctite. Because of normal  vibrations during a ride the screws might get loose. You can avoid such problems by using Loctite.

Launch of EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium

Launch of EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium EVOHORSE is happy to announce the EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium ! This hoofboot supports the hoof mechanism in many ways. Horizontal and vertical flexible sole. The Bulb Shield flexes in all dimensions if neccessary. Lowest weight of all currently available models ! It comes full assembled with all additional parts shown on the image above. Check out this awesome hoofboot >>> EVOHORSE.COM