EVO BOOT 1.0 is one of the most awesome hoofboots !

EVOBOOT 1.0 is the result of professional product development combined with Endurance riding experience that allows riders to apply a hoofboot easily on different hoof shapes. It can also be heated and assembled by yourself easily!

  • very low weight
  • fits like a second skin
  • promoting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions
  • great grip on different terrain
  • very flexible shield and sole = natural feeling

This video will give you a very good impression of EVO BOOT’s great features !

EVOBOOT 1.0 can be used for Endurance riding as well as for pleasure riding. Without the bulb shield the shell can also be used a Glue-On shoe! There are a lot of options for professionals to adapt the EVO BOOT to many hoof situations.

  Amazing Product: Only available through resellers!

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Amazing hoofboot features like…..

  • very durable material
  • different locking sytems available
  • very flexible parts can be adapted individually
  • available in 8 sizes – more are planned !
  • easy assembling by riders

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The EVO BOOT is an extremely intelligent hoofboot promoting the hoof mechanism like no other model. You may have read this already a couple of times before but this boot is really doing it. It’s not only supporting the hoof sole – it’s flexibel horizontally as well as vertically. Just like the heels of a barefoot horse.

And when we say supporting the hoof mechanism we are not only talking about the boot shell, also the shield is very flexible and can spread horizontally and vertically. Exactly as the hoof does in motion and not all hooves and bulbs have a symmetrical shape.

The EVO BOOT can be applied very flexibly. Some boots require low heels, some high heels – with the EVO BOOT  it doesn’t matter as long as the heels are not extremely high. Even if your horses hoof  doesn’t have a  symmetrical shape our boot can be adapted due to thermoplastic material. All you need is a heat gun and 2 minutes of your time.

It was very important to create a durable product with parts that don’t have to be replaced permanently. All parts can be removed and exchanged by you easily in less than 1 minute. All you need is a simple Allen Wrench that comes with the boot in a box ! No complicated cable or buckle systems and our locking system doesn’t require any strength to be locked. Additionally 2 locking systems are available – both come with your ordered EVO BOOT Premium 1.0 !

Ride smart…ride natural…EVO BOOT

What Else? 12 different sizes available November 2017!

Within these sizes the whole hoofboot and it’s elements can be adapted individually. The Elastostop (available with direct and indirect mechanism) has got different holes to vary the length. Also the position of the Bulb Shield can be changed by using different holes of the Elaststop. All you need is a simpleAllen Wrench – no craftsmanship required !

  • supports natural break over
  • great grip on different terrain

12 Sizes Available after only 10 months!!

In the photo you see the smallest and biggest EVO BOOT shell which is available right now. A few more sizes will follow during the next 12 months.

A unique feature of the EVO BOOT is the special construction in the middle of the bootshell where the hoof frog is located. This “V” enables the boot to expand vertical and horizontal – just like the hoof does in motion !

During our Clinics we teach trimmers to adapt the boot by heat to use this flexibility.


Lots of adjustment variations possible !

Have a look at the holes in the boot shell ! This helps you to adapt the boot to the requirements of your horses’ hooves even when hoof shape and/or measurements change. It might be necessary, especially during the transition period from shoed to barefoot, to make some changes after a while.

The EVO BOOT gives you the option to do so. You can vary the position of the bulb shield,  vary the length of the Elastostop and you can even heat the complete boot shell with a heat gun to make it fit perfectly. There are many additional options that we teach trimmers but usually you only have to make small changes once.

This hoofboot is extremely simple to use. Once you’ve made the adjustments you might need less than one minute to put a single boot on after a little training. And the good news is : to make the adjustments all you need is an Allen Wrench – no craftsmanship necessary.

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