EVO BOOTS on cover of Haflinger Magazine

Issue #3 / 2017 of the Haflinger Magazine "Haflinger aktuell" from Tirol, Austria shows 2 beautiful horses wearing EVO BOOTS! Thanks to Martina Wimmer from Tirol for making this happen and for sending the photos to us. It was the first time in history that Haflinger Horses from "Fohlenhof Ebbs" have been invited to the famous "Spanish Riding School Of Vienna" and they were wearing EVO BOOTS at the annual Fête Impériale Hoofboots in Austria : Hufschuhprofi.at

Choose up to three colours!

If you could choose favorite colours for the EVO bulb shield...which colours would it be ? You can make upt to 3 selections ! Today we are offering red but we're thinking about adding more colours... [poll id="2"]

EVO BOOT feedback from Nina Puttrich and Noèl

Thanks Nina Puttrich for sending us these images from your Horse Noèl wearing EVO BOOTS. Nina bought the EVO BOOTS spontaneously at Equitana from our reseller Andreas Strohm and did not regret it. Noèl is very happy with his new hoofboots and moving great ! Nina tried already a couple of hoofboot models. No rubbing, no twisting of EVOs on her Arab ! Original text : "Hey, ich habe mich auf der Equitana am Stand der Firma Strohm ganz spontan für die Evo Boots entschieden. Aus dem Bauch raus scheinbar die richtige Entscheidung für meinen Araber und mich. Bisher fühlt er [...]

EVO BOOT Sweepstake

"If you participate in our lottery you can win a pair of EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium!" In total 3 pairs of EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium are waiting for their horses. What are the Conditions of Participation ? You are already riding successfully with EVO BOOTS. You send us at least 2 photos of your horse booted with EVO BOOTS. You send us a short story (just a few sentences) what you like with EVO BOOTS (in English, Spanish or German) And you should do that until 1st of May 2017. e-mail address : sweepstake@evohorse.com By sending photos and text you agree [...]

Video : Exchanging ElastoStop Screw

If you tighten the Elastostop screw of the EVO BOOT 1.0 too much it might be impossible to exchange it later. In this video Evohorse Co-Founder Albert Villasevil demonstrates how you can exchange the screw easily if you follow the instructions. Here you can view more Evohorse videos >>>

Video : Putting on and off the EVO BOOT 1.0

In this short video EVOHORSE co-founder Florentino Pereira demonstrates how to put the EVO BOOT 1.0 on and off. You don't need a lot of power but the boot should fit snug if possible. Don't lock the Elastostops loose ! You always have to pull a bit. On our website you will find more EVO BOOT videos. If you are interested in purchasing EVO BOOTS have a look at our international wholesale list.

EVO – Extended User Manual

There are more adaptations possible than what is shown in our simple user manual that comes with each ordered EVO BOOT 1.0 Premium. Here you can download our extended user manual that describes more options for professionals to adapt the EVO BOOT individually. Configure the bulb shield on asymmetrical bulbs, adapt the Elastostop, heat the boot shell, etc...

Using Loctite on EVO BOOT screws

"We've been asked if we use Loctite on the EVO BOOT screws." NO- we are not using Loctite when assembling the EVO BOOTS. Due to all the adaptation possibilities of this hoofboot it would only make everything much harder for you when using Loctite. But....once the EVOBOOT is fitted correctly and every part is exactly at the position where it should be, we recommend the use of Loctite. Because of normal  vibrations during a ride the screws might get loose. You can avoid such problems by using Loctite.

Fitting The EVO BOOT

"Fitting The EVO BOOT 1.0 is very simple as long as you consider a few things." Generally the EVO BOOT has the same requirements as most other models that stay below the coronet band : Symmetrically hooves without flared walls. First choose the size from our sizing chart or ask your trimmer for a FitKit. FitKits for trimmers are available through EVO wholesalers. Then you can adapt the fit by changing the bulb shield position if necessary. Shell and bulb shield shall fit snug but generally there is no problem if you feel a little gap between the hoof and the [...]

EVO BOOT Reseller FitKits

EVO BOOT FitKit Sets available ! As of now complete FitKit sets can be ordered by our resellers. The FitKit Set consists of the currently available 8 boot shells and it will help riders and trimmers to find the correct EVO size. www.evohorse.com