Floren, Albert, Bernd

EQUITANA OPEN AIR – May 25th – 27th, Neuss (Germany)

It have been 3 really hot days with Spanish climate. Lots of interesting talks – not only with people who wanted to learn more about the EVO BOOT 1.0 but also with many happy EVO users.

We participated in cooperation with Weilborner Hof.

EUROCHEVAL, July 26th – 29th, Offenburg (Germany)

We thought Equitana was already hot but in Offenburg we had temperatures up to 38 °C. and our booth was a tent outside. We are looking back at many, many interesting discussions and met also even more EVO users.

Riders from Germany, France and Switzerland came to Offenburg and we gave them also contact information of our Swiss and French wholesalers.

Eurocheval 2018
Vaquero Classics 2018

Vaquero Classics, August 31st – September 2nd, Weilborner Hof (Germany)

The Vaqueros are no exhibition. This is a very special event with 600 visitors per day from all over Europe (European gathering with clinics, concert, market). People could meet and watch international well known trainers like Alfonso Aguilar, Jeff Sanders, Arien Aguilar, Alex Zell, Klaus Wetzel…

Normally only custom made handcrafted products are shown but we have been offert the opportunity to show our EVO 1.0, too.

EVO BOOT Clinic, September 21st, Weilborner Hof (Germany)

Our German distributor HUFCHECK is hosting an EVO clinic for professionals. Albert Villasevil and Bernd Jung will demonstrate almost everything that is possible for professionals to adapt this fantastic hoofboot.

The participants will be shown the basics (sizing, correct settings of bulb shield and Elastostop) as well as all heating versions to make the boot wider, narrower, modify the toe angle, etc…