“Fitting The EVO BOOT 1.0 is very simple as long as you consider a few things.”

Generally the EVO BOOT has the same requirements as most other models that stay below the coronet band : Symmetrically hooves without flared walls.

First choose the size from our sizing chart or ask your trimmer for a FitKit. FitKits for trimmers are available through EVO wholesalers.

Then you can adapt the fit by changing the bulb shield position if necessary. Shell and bulb shield shall fit snug but generally there is no problem if you feel a little gap between the hoof and the boot shell with your fingers as long as the toe touches theĀ  shell and you can’t twist the boot by hand.

For a more round shape you may move the bulb shield one hole forward, for a more oval shape you can move it one hole backward. We know horses that wear the same size on all 4 hooves successfully although the shape of front and hint hooves is different !

Next step is to vary the position of the Elastostop. In this product video we explain how to do it.

Due to these options you may also use the EVO BOOT during the transition period from shoed to barefoot !

If you want to adapt the EVO BOOT 1.0 on hooves that have no symmetrically shape it is necessary to heat the boot shell with a heat gun. We suggest to ask a professional if you’re not experienced in heating hoofboots.