EVO BOOT Reseller FitKits

EVO BOOT FitKit Sets available ! As of now complete FitKit sets can be ordered by our resellers. The FitKit Set consists of the currently available 8 boot shells and it will help riders and trimmers to find the correct EVO size. www.evohorse.com

Indroducing EVO 1.0 Premium

EVO BOOT 1.0 Hoofboot from EVOHORSE on Vimeo. "An awesome hoofboot promoting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions !" We hope you enjoy the video of the brandnew EVO BOOT 1.0. We call it the intelligent hoofboot because it is supporting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions and offers great options of adapting. But don't be afraid....usually it is only necessary to modify the position of two screws once and even this does not have to be done in all cases. More detailed information can be found here ! On evohorse.com you will find a description how to measure your horse's [...]